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We are proud to be the first company to produce Hi-Tech Optical Fiber Fusion Splicers, OTDRs and other OFC test equipment in India. Star Technologies is a 15 years young company having its head office at New Delhi, India. We are involved in various technological fields, primary ones being IT & Telecom sector. We are focused on four verticals of the above mentioned sectors those being: Assembly, Sales, Services and Projects related to our field of operations.


FFs-9000 Fast Fusion Splicer
FFs-9000 Fast Fusion Splicer INR 157875 INR 157875 Star FFS-9000 optical fiber fusion splicer is a mini fiber splicing equipment which is compactly designed, easy to carry and operation. It has vivid and exquisite image-forming system and high precision image processing technology on fiber alignment, which leads to its high proficiency in splicing and low loss. Made in India for made for World FFS-9000 Fusion Splicer is Designed and Made in India for world, it is first Fusion Splicer to be produced in India under JV of Star-Eloik. True 1490809931
Fibershot Handheld Optical Power Meter - 9990 FS
Fibershot Handheld Optical Power Meter - 9990 FS INR 5263 INR 5263 Automatic Wavelength Identification Significantly Increases Efficiency Fibershot Handheld Optical Power Meter is newly designed fiber optic tester, it aims at fiber network installation, fiber network engineering acceptance and fiber network maintenance. Combined usage with Fibershot handheld optical light source, it offers a quick and accurate testing solution on both SM and MM fibers. Compared with usual power meters, the Fibershot Power Meter has more great functions/features of automatic wavelength identification and switching and intelligent backlight control. Also the Fibershot Power Meter features good appearance, good touch feeling and considerate humanity design. True 1490811856
Fibershot Pro Quad Series OTDR - PRO-MD21
Fibershot Pro Quad Series OTDR - PRO-MD21 INR 210500 INR 210500 Fibershot Pro series Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) is an intelligent meter of a new generation for the detection of fiber communications systems. With the popularization of optical network construction in cities and countrysides, the measurement of optical network becomes short and disperse; Fibershot Pro Series OTDR is specially designed for that kind of application. It’s economic, having outstanding performance. Fibershot Pro Series is manufactured with patience and carefulness, following the national standards to combine the rich experience and modern technology, subject to stringent mechanical, electronic and optical testing and quality assurance; in the other way, the new design makes Fibershot Pro Series more smart and compact and multi-purpose. Whether you want to detect link layer in the construction and installation of optical network or proceed efficient maintenance and trouble shooting, Fibershot Pro Series can be your best assistant. Model No: PRO-MD21 Wavelength: 850/1300, 1310/1550 Dynamic Range: 19/21, 35/33 True 1490811368
Fibershot Smart Series OTDR - A-26/24
Fibershot Smart Series OTDR - A-26/24 INR 89463 INR 89463 With its lightweight design and user friendly dimension, Fibershot Smart series OTDR is perfect for the outside plant environment and can be easily operated with one hand. Fibershot Smart series OTDR ensures accurate and complete fiber evaluation while the testing requires only one key to start, allowing anyone to proceed error-free testing Model No: A-26/24 Wavelength: 1310/1550 Dynamic Range: 26/24 True 1490810965
Star OFC Cleaver
Star OFC Cleaver INR 13690 INR 13690 Provides high quality cleaving at outstanding cost performance. Is of good quality that makes it long lasting and durable. Is available with scale so that you get accurately cleaved fiber. Cleaves fiber easily and quickly which makes it a must have. Precise and easy to use making it convenient for you. True 1491041988
Fibershot FTTx Toolkit
Fibershot FTTx Toolkit INR 24750 INR 24750 The Fibershot Toolkit is ideal for optical fiber fusion splicing, FTTH Termination, Maintenance. It includes all the most frequently needed tools and supplies required for cable sheath removal, fusion splicing and cleaning. Kit Contents 1 x Fibershot Black Fashion Carrying Bag 1 x Fibershot Optical Fiber Cleaver 1 x Fibershot handheld Optical Power Meter 1 x Alcohol Bottler 1 x Fibershot Visual Fault Locator 1 x Marker Pen 1 x 45-162 Fiber Optic Stripper Coaxial Cable Stripper 1 x Fiber Optic Kevlar Shears 1 x Drop Cable Stripper 1 x FIS TRI-HOLE Fiber Optical Cable Jacket Stripper 1 x Fiber Optical Cable Jacket Stripper 1 x Knife 1 x Plier True 1490812178
Fibershot Handheld Light Source - 9090
Fibershot Handheld Light Source - 9090 INR 15790 INR 15790 Fibershot offers a full range of light sources for testing single-mode and/or multimode fiber networks in conjunction with a Optical Power Meter. A typical Light Source transmits a constant wavelengths in one of the following colors. (850 / 1300 / 1310 / 1550 / 1490 / 1625). Faster Test Times with WaveID – In WaveID mode, the Handheld Adjustable Light Source encodes each wavelength with a unique WaveID code. When used with Handheld power meter, the pair can send and receive two wavelengths each test – doubling testing efficiency – reducing test time! True 1490811924
Star Power Meter - ST9091V
Star Power Meter - ST9091V INR 7900 INR 7900 Is compact, light in weight and easy to use quick testing instrument. Provides a large as well as easy to read LCD display that is easy to use. Has interchangeable fibre optic adapters, including dual way powering system. Internal microprocessor and linear amplifier technology ensure the longtime accuracy. Has damp, dust and shock proof design which makes it safe to use. True 1490812103
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